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Whatever your need is, we have you covered.

Our Officers

Traffic Control Officers
All of our Traffic Control Officers are NHI Certified and come to your work zone in fully marked and authorized emergency vehicles. Our vehicles are equipped with emergency lighting and audible warning devices.

On-Site Police for Security
Our Security Officers are fully uniformed and will patrol your site in a fully marked police vehicle. These officers are fully commissioned with full arrest powers. The highest deterrent for would-be criminals and if they enter the property, they will be detained on the spot by our officers.

Highway & Lane Closure

Working on a highway means added danger due to the high speeds. Make your work site safer by having one of our uniformed officers in a fully marked vehicle complete with emergency lights and audible warning sirens

Traffic & Intersection Control

Our officers are all NHI trained, meaning that they understand traffic patterns, and are a perfect fit for intersection and traffic control while keeping your work area safe.

Construction Yard/Site Protection

Keep your construction yard or work location safe with our fully marked patrol units guarding your work and storage areas. Our officers are fully commissioned and can detain and arrest criminals.

Paving and Striping Protection

Keep your workers safe and alert drivers of paving and striping equipment ahead with our fully marked emergency vehicles.

Girder/Wide Load Escort

Transporting girders and other large or wide loads can be a tricky affair even without the added stress of bad drivers on the roads. Having a marked officer escort you can help get your equipment and materials to the work site in a safe and efficient manner, and can even deter bad drivers from being unsafe around your transporting vehicles.

Pilot Car Escort

Having a marked officer assist your pilot car escorts for your transportation vehicles can help prevent accidents from bad drivers on the road, saving you time money and even lives.

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