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What separates 5-04U LLC from other traffic management companies?

Our Company provides trained and professional law enforcement officers who are licensed throughout the state of Texas. In addition to their law enforcement training, our officers are trained in auto collision response as well as emergency response.

Our officers are commissioned by local law enforcement agencies. They provide a wealth of experience to whatever project you may need them for. We have a great working relationship with local jurisdictions. This means paperwork will be kept to a minimum and customer service will be at the maximum.

Our Management team has an incredible forty plus years in law enforcement traffic experience as well as business management. Your project's safety and security should be a priority. At 5-04U LLC, it is a priority, our number priority.

Make the switch to us and experience why we are the leading standard in traffic control and safety!

Our Story

Our business concept began because the founders of 5-04U were law enforcement officers working off-duty jobs, trying to supplement our income as officers while striking a balance between work and family. We were not being paid well nor timely. We knew, based on our work ethic, we could come up with a better business model by paying officers more than the competitors. We also pay every two weeks, regardless of whether or not we have been paid by the construction company.

5-04U LLP
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